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Cannot Save Game to Resume Later

If you pause the game and iPad sleeps, you lose your game, which is unfortunate since games can sometimes last hours

Love it

One of the best games I've played ,it's super addicting


Helps me take my mind off every day stuff

Brain juice

The perfect pick-me-up for people who like logic and spatial games. Simple, fun way to exercise your brain.


Good game


Love this game - very addictive!

F-cking Awesome!

It's oddly addictive and helps me relieve my anxiety. Would recommend!!

Love the game

Great game! Very addicting

An addictive game that exercises your brain

Fun to play when you have a free moment, like waiting in line.


I think this is a great game and at first I didn't get it but now I do and love it!


Maybe add a way to earn extra lives to resume progress

Fun game

I like the music.... helps me concentrate

Love alot very fun and time passing

I love this game alot its very fun and when I'm in the car I like to play this game but... I really don't understand it why does it stop the game when I'm on a streak that's the only dis but very good game idea! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


It is very addicting, and during the later game challenging. I would recommend this game for a lot of people and most genres of games!

Mario Kart

This racing game is so much fun!

Stress reliever

I like this game


Lots of fun!!

Great game!

Simple but addictive.

Play for hours

Easy to get wrapped up for hours of playing

Love this game

Painfully addictive! I love that you can change up the color scheme too. I'm kind of bad at spatial stuff normally but this game is really fun! Suggestion for improvement: would love if it would save my progress?! So disappointing when I put down my phone for a little while and when I come back, the game I was playing has been erased. Otherwise, fantastic all around. :)

Fun but could be better

Mindlessly addicting but could be 4 or 5 star with 2 improvements: 1. Add levels or some way to save your progress so you don't have to start at the beginning every time 2. I find it very frustrating that if I leave the app in the middle of a game and come back to continue it, the game restarts. Fix that please!



Twice the Fun, Half the Ads

Very cool game; no fuss no muss; no frustration; no in-game purchase nonsense! Recommended!

Simple and fun

Fun and a catchy game. Could be better with a leaderboard in the Game Center or something. Also some sort of better highlighting or notification when the power ups show up would be nice

Fun Game

Levels in this game would make it slightly more addicting or playing with friends! Love it though X3


Very colorful and bright love this game but gets kinda boring after a day or two.

Great game

Fun game with a nice color scheme.

Like Tetris with colors

Examplar of "elegant". Unfathomably simple, but increasingly complex.


Very good like 👍🏻

This is Great!

I love this app! It is challenging-but still fun! Easy to do and great for desist on making! Check it out and see what I mean! <3


I had a lot of fun.

Like it

Happily addicted




It is not as good as Super Sharp, but it is okay.

Pop Tiles

I love this game, because it's just enough, & what I mean is, it doesn't get so hard you can't relax at all while you're playing it, but at the same time, it's still challenging enough to keep you playing as you try to beat your best score!

Great for stress

Very satisfying and well made game

Pop tile is awesome

This is the best unstacking game ever! (From my 8 year old).

Pretty good

I downloaded this game and it was boring at first but I was confused on how to play but as soon I as leaned how to playboy became pretty addictive and I love it. Everytime I'm bord I play it for hours!

I really like this game



I LOVE THIS GAME!! It's super addicting!!

Solid game

Simple, mesmerizing, and aesthetically pleasing.

Cute and fun

Love the colors! Fun game

Five stars!

Totally a great way to kill some time!! Addictive too!!




This game is so simple. I guess that s why it's so addictive my satisfying!

This game is fun and challenging

Really fun!

So addictive!

This game is super simple and super addictive! Great fun!😊


It's an awesome game it teaches yu strategy and how to make a bad move into a better connect


Fast paced, addictive.

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